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I really enjoyed hearing your latest album. Pretty neat incorporating the dual sides of your personality. I enjoyed how you let the other instruments breath, and there weren't solos totally everywhere - tasty. You and Kyle seem to have a good chemistry going on too, keep working together, it's not often you can find mates that you really get along with, you know what I mean? You're quite the gifted talent Fran, the artwork was cool, nice FF logo.
George Bellas - March, 2007

The record is awesome I do like the arrangements definitely better on the first song. Some serious shredding. Your record is so much better and it's very cool that you grow so fast. Keep it up
Vitalij Kuprij - May, 2007

Very impressive my friend. A clever idea to divide the CD in 2 sections. Killer sweeps and very nice keyboard / piano playing!
Michael Harris - April, 2007

Got myself together and listened through a couple of songs for now and it sounds tiptop, my friend! You are a fretboard wizard indeed!
Mattias IA Eklundh - April, 2007

Thank you for your CD. Nice progress - this is by far your best recording up to date.
Milan Polak - April, 2007

I have to say you are really coming into yourself now dude! And the chops are just awesome!
Dave Martone - March, 2007

"I think it is by far your best yet!"
"When it comes to arpeggios Francesco is the man! This cd rom will keep you busy for months"
Rusty Cooley - April, 2007

You did a lot of work composing arranging all that, that's well done, congratulations. You play incredibly fast, a real virtuoso. I hope you can bring this music on stage and rock people with you guitar playing and those crazy compositions.
Cyril Achard - April, 2007

I've listened to your CD it is killer man!!!!! The sound is great, the drums, keyboards are amazing and your playing is awesome as always but now I hear something deeper in your playing with more moods too. But I really love the sheer emotion in your shredding man, there is just so much raw feelings and of course other emotions too on the record. I also hear some very progressive elements in your music too very kick ass as well!
Tom Hess - April, 2007

"Francesco Fareri is an Italian musician, composer of exceptional skill on guitar. He plays incredibly fast and clean with seemingly non stop arpeggios in this all instrumental guitar onslaught. The title track "Suspension" starts very subdued with piano and strings for about 30 seconds - then all hell breaks loose. The super fast playing, sometimes with 2 guitars, arpeggios everywhere, in a very fast tempo. The music on the whole is very progressive with shades of "Dream Theater" and reminiscent at times of guitarist George Bellas but with a style that is all his own. Francesco is an incredible guitarist and this CD is non stop pure in your face shred guitar from beginning to end. The production is very clean and his guitar is very present on the disc. A fantastic, very Neo Classically influenced CD. You will hear a lot more from this guitarist in the near future."
M.A.C.E. Music - www.angelo.com February 06, 2002

"Wow! I just listened to your disc and it is really great! You have some amazing sweeping chops. You shred!!! Great job! It is very different stylistically from what I do, but I can still appreciate what you are doing and I respect you a great deal for your great talent and vision to your music. You really know how to play that guitar! On another note, I am totally impressed with your sense of melody when it comes to the piano themes and intros in your songs. They are very fabulous and I would explore some of the melodies in them. They are very deep and moody. I like that. Great job!"
Neil Zaza - November, 2001

"...Your songs have very complex structures that make you have to pay attention, which is a good thing in progressive guitar music such as yours. You are one of the fastest players I have heard and your sweeping technique is flawless! My favorite song is Introspective, I love the sweep pattern which begins at 05:19 of that song. My second favorite is Secrets because it is very musical and shows a different side of your playing. It also provides a good contrast to the rest of the material on the CD. The keyboard parts also provide a good contrast to the heaviness and speed in the rest of the songs. Very creative use of keyboards!..."
James Murphy - December, 2001

"You can play guitar amazingly, I want to congratulate you on that for sure keep working you are great...you are very extremely talented and that's why I would like to tell you a few things..."
Vitalij Kuprij - December, 2000

"...Fareri is a player that strides to break sonic barriers with his guitar playing. He's the type of guy that writes music to inspire other musicians to be on top of their game. This album will go down in shred guitar history without a doubt..."
The Shredzone - June, 2001

"Fareri can play at mind boggling, head numbing speed, especially swept licks which seem to dominate the music (at times, it seems almost every passage and run features sweep picking). We’re talking Michael Angelo speed here, and some of the passages are so fast it doesn’t even sound like a guitar is producing the sound"
Dan McAvinchey
Guitar Nine on line magazine
The Undiscovered Artists of December 1999 and January 2000

"Fareri dispara notas limpas e perfeitas, para todos os lados, por minutos e mais minutos em uma velocidade inacreditavel. E mais uma vez, digo, todas as notas sao perfeitamente audiveis. Nao ha nenhuma ‘sujeira’ nenhuma mascada, enfim nada. Voce vai ouvir o guitarrista mais técnico do mundo."
Thiago Correa
Whiplash magazine on line
Reviews de Demos February 2000